Magic Carpet (MS-DOS 1994) – Download


Magic Carpet was released by Bullfrog Productions in 1994 for MS-DOS and is now considered abandonware.


You’re flying just feet above real landscapes. There’s a dragon in front of you, killer crabs behind and some guy on another carpet cutting you to ribbons. Not enough mana for the accelerate spell. Looks like you’re gonna have to fight this one out, then. Shred the skies on the world’s fastest, most heavily armed flying carpet. Duel rival wizards and wade into hordes of deadly beasts in your quest to restore 50 shattered worlds. At your disposal is an impressive arsenal of devastating spells. Summon lighting storms, meteors, raise the dead to fight for you and, of course, cast the classic fireball spell, and that is only the beginning!

Game play:

This game is controlled mainly by the mouse and cursor keys, many guides are available online and even some game play videos.

Use ALT+ENTER to toggle full screen mode, use Ctrl-F11 and Ctrl+F12 to adjust the game speed if it is running too fast or too slow. Use Ctrl+F9 to exit without using the menus.


We offer 2 different ways to download and play, the first is by using the installer and is the recommended way to download: simply download, install and play using the desktop or start menu items.

Magic Carpet.exe

Some users may get a warning when using the installer, and Windows defender users may get a warning saying the application has been blocked. If this happens you can click “More Info” and “Run anyway” or use the second download, which is a simple .zip file. Download it and extract the .zip where you would like to run the game from – no easy-to-use icons or uninstallers are included with the .zip download.


This should work on all modern Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10) operating systems with quite minimal requirements, but your mileage may vary. No support is included and as with all files downloaded online you should scan it with your own anti-virus – and even then – run at your own risk. It is the original MS-DOS game with the DOSBox emulator configured to run it automatically. When you install the program it will create a folder with an .exe file inside that you can use to run the game. You can install to a folder anywhere you like and the game will still run, except for Program Files or Windows folders.
NOTICE: ALL DOWNLOAD LINKS WILL CHANGE PERIODICALLY AND SHOULD NOT BE LINKED TO DIRECTLY, AS THEY MAY NOT WORK IN THE FUTURE. INSTEAD PLEASE LINK TO THE PAGE THE DOWNLOAD IS ON. NOTHING I UPLOAD CONTAINS ANY ‘BAD SOFTWARE’ SUCH AS SPYWARE OR VIRUSES AND SHOULD NOT REQUIRE ANY SPECIAL 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE (Unless specified on the download page). If you do find a download that is trying to install 3rd party applications please delete it right away and then please comment on the download page; also note that I am providing these games as-is with no warranty or support. If a game does not work for you, please feel free to comment on the games page and help me to help you; but there is no guarantee of support or even that these software(s) will not take over the world!

Happy gaming!

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