This is a blog, a blog with a difference! What makes this different than the other 1000000 blogs out there? Well, if you are reading this you are here for a reason. What that reason is I do not know! I mean, how could I? This is my first post, and I really have no idea which way to take this site so I will take it in many directions.

Gaming, Music, Technology, the weird yet wonderful and more. Hopefully it will all be found right here, and if you are reading this I bet you found something of interest!

Recently I have added a bunch of games to download for free, and will be continuing to add more in the near future. Unlike most sites offering old games for download I am also trying to (where possible) include an emulator, or include any needed patches so all you have to do is download, extract and play! I will also be adding a FAQ which will hopefully cover any questions related to these downloads, but in the mean time, if you do have any questions feel free to leave a comment on the game in question and I shall do my best to answer it accordingly.

NOTICE: ALL DOWNLOAD LINKS WILL CHANGE PERIODICALLY AND SHOULD NOT BE LINKED TO DIRECTLY, AS THEY MAY NOT WORK IN THE FUTURE. INSTEAD PLEASE LINK TO THE PAGE THE DOWNLOAD IS ON. NOTHING I UPLOAD CONTAINS ANY ‘BAD SOFTWARE’ SUCH AS SPYWARE OR VIRUSES AND SHOULD NOT REQUIRE ANY SPECIAL 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE (Unless specified on the download page). If you do find a download that is requesting administrative rights or trying to install 3rd party applications please delete it right away and then please comment on the download page; also note that I am providing these games as-is with no warranty or support. If a game does not work for you, please feel free to comment on the games page and help me to help you; but there is no guarantee of support or even that these software(s) will not take over the world!